Monday, 18 February 2013

Jyväskylä: Snowmen in Kirkkopuisto

My evening walk takes me down from Harju to Kirkkopuisto (Church Park) and I start thinking what would be the best place for building snowmen. I expect to find them next to Kauppakatu street - the busiest side of the park - but no way; the snowmen have appeared right in front the City Hall, on the square next to Vapaudenkatu street.
The snowmen are part of the campaign against global warming. The melancholy looking snowman's plea is "If you save the winter you can save me too and I can make you smile year and year after".
The Big Ask campaign has been taking place in different cities in Finland and its main aim is to get the decision makers to make a climate law that would be strong enough to make a difference. There are about two dozen snowmen, each carrying their message that is directed at top politicians who are responsible for climate and environmental politics.
Let's hope that there will be a major change in environmental politics all over the world. "Winter in the year 2020???" I believe and hope there will still be a proper winter with snowmen in Finland in 2020 and for many more decades to come!

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