Monday, 24 December 2012

Snowy Xmas at Jyväskylä

I don't mind cold weather. It's usually only a matter of getting dressed for it - and then you can go and enjoy the beauty of snow that sometimes covers practically everything. On a day like this the ridge overlooking Jyväskylä, Harju, is like from a fairytale.
There are lots of narrow paths criss-crossing the slopes of Harju; not everyone wants to take the wide footpaths that are kept open all year round by the city. It is nice to make a track of your own. Well, well. Someone must have been snowboarding over there, and those are definitely the marks of a sled that has dashed down the hill.
The half moon is shining its freezing cold light, to make sure that the frosty trees above my head stay the way they are. 
There are strange colours on Harju Ridge; the unnatural shades of light paint the trees and the scenery to an even more eerie fairytale land. Nature shakes hands with the urban world: this is Jyväskylä, the City of Light.
When I arrive at the Nero Steps, or Harju Steps as they're often called locally, the view is breathtaking. The gorgeously lit tall trees make it an enchanting walk to the top of the ridge. I am so happy I didn't mind the temperature (something below -15°C) but kept on walking... 
However, there are not many of us walking the granite steps of Harju. This is a time of silent walks, together, or on your own.

I descend back to the city centre. Merry Xmas, Jyväskylä!


  1. Thank you for the amazing foto-story. We have recently spent great Jyväskylä weekend. And it was as inspiring as you describe!