Monday, 17 September 2012

Helsinki: Little Turtle teahouse

Mannerheimintie street is busy in Helsinki. As usual, I scan instinctively if I need to step aside to the left or right, keep going straight or slip between people rushing towards me, and when someone in front of me is progressing at a slower pace, make a quick decision on how to get past, keeping my own rhythm. I turn to Yrjönkatu street and things slow down. Only few more steps. A small stone turtle is keeping the door slightly ajar.
Helsinki's latest tea house, Pieni kilpikonna (literally Little Turtle) has recently opened at Eerikinkatu 1. Curious, I step into the small room and the bustle of the streets begins to fade away. Only one question remains: what kind of tea to drink? The list of available teas is long... Alright, it's going to be wu long tea. Or oolong, as I'm used to call it.
After a while the tea tray arrives and momentarily, my thoughts fly to China and a visit to a local tea shop there where I first watched in fascination the way the tea was served to us. The wooden tray holds a tiny teapot and two cups, a strainer and a glass tea pitcher into which the ready brewed tea is poured for serving. This is serving tea gong fu style, a first time for me in Finland. Just lovely. 

There is Chinese music playing gently in the background. We sip fragrant oolong tea from the little cups, talk and simply enjoy the moment. Welcome to Helsinki, Little Turtle!

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